Karlstad Student Union is the hub of student life and the united student voice. Join the student union for a better student life!

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Your education - our job!

One of our most important tasks is to make sure that the quality of your education is as good as possible. Therefore we are represented in everything from councils and faculty councils to the university board. Every day we make sure that no decisions are made without the student perspective is taken into account.

Always by your side

If you encounter problems during your studies the student union offers you help. It can be problems related to an exam, a professor, or that you feel discriminated or have problems finding a proper student flat. You can be sure that we always have students best in interest. Membership in Karlstad Student Union provides security.

Welcome to Karlstad and the Student Union!

Introduction Weeks

The start of each semester is a highlight of your student life! Karlstad Student Union arranges activities during the Introduction Weeks and will stay by your side for the rest of the academic year.

Come see us in the Student Union Office at Karlstad University, room 
1A 314 (next to Transformum). Open monday thru friday 10am – 1pm.

Foto: Karlstad Studentkår

Why become a member?

Student security
The student union can help you if you encounter problems during your study time. It can be problems with a course, examination, essay, housing, or other issues that are connected to your student life.

Discounts and benefits
As a member you have access to both Mecenat and Karlstad Student Unions discounts and benefits. The student union arranges parties and events for its members.

Mecenat card included
Members of the student union get the Mecenat card (Student-ID) for free. The student union’s membership card is a mint green Mecenat card, in other words, a membership card plus a Mecenat card in one!

Only members can get involved in the student union. You can, for example, sit on the Student Union Council, work with diversity issues, get involved in the introduction weeks. We have over 200 missions to choose from.

A strong student voice
If you become a member, you are actively supporting the student unions work for a higher quality of your education.

Membership in Karlstad Student Union provides security and a better student life!

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask!

Student Union Office
Karlstad University, room 
1A 314 (next to Transformum)

Open monday thru friday
10.00am – 01.00pm.